Kick start your confidence, remind yourself where you have come from and access the possibilities that lie ahead of you

This is your opportunity to kick fear to the kerb and take back control. 

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Have you recently noticed any of these changes?


  • You doubt yourself in areas that you’d typically sail through
  • You are making less effort to ‘show up’ and present yourself in a positive way.  As a result, your personal brand is suffering
  • Your world view and vision for the future have shrunk and you are thinking too small
  • You’ve started defining yourself by lower standards - suddenly making your bed deserves a high five!
  • You are questioning the validity of your previous goals - Can I really do this?  Do I really deserve it?
  • You’re less likely to take risks and being overly cautious
  • You don’t trust your judgement the way you used too, you feel rusty in your decision making
  • Everything feels uncertain so you’re thinking small about your career and relationships
  • It’s like you’re constantly in survival mode, doing what you can to stay healthy and keep your family safe, with little room for YOU TIME

Yes? Then it's time to take back control + return to your CONFIDENT SELF


Unlock the latest techniques, help you reconnect with your strengths, build self esteem and master your self-talk for good.


Each of the five lessons are available on your laptop OR mobile device, so you can access your confidence + practice new skills on-the-go. 


Bring your lessons to life with wallpapers, worksheets, tips and an MP3 guided visualisation so embed your new ways of thinking.



"I am so excited to share my latest program with you - this 5 part mini online coaching program will help you break old habits and start expanding your comfort zone.

I have put together this value-packed course for you, based on my 20 years as a psychologist, 15 years in consulting, 10 years as a coach and 5 years in the media (yes, on reality TV!). 

Over the years, I've learned a thing or two about courage and confidence and I've developed some tools to help you cut through self sabotage and step into your confidence spotlight.

The Back To Me mini-course includes some of my best techniques and I can't wait to share them with you"

Mel Schilling, Confidence Coach


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