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Bonus Bundle

Bonus 1
DIY Confidence Booster Kit

This is your opportunity to break your old thinking habits and start creating a more positive, constructive, self loving mindset. I designed this resource kit to give you practical tips and tools to help you change your thinking and create sustainable, new habits. The foundation of this kit is a 20 minute guided visualization that will help you recognize and eliminate your unhelpful thoughts, to replace them with a more helpful set of thoughts and beliefs. It also includes 4 additional resources to help you consolidate your new mindset.

Value: £250

Bonus 2
Body Acceptance Deep Dive

Most of us have a complicated relationship with our bodies! I’ve taken a deep dive into the psychology behind body acceptance and put together my best tips to help you normalize your relationship with your body and start to re-set the balance.

Value: £250

Bonus 3
5 Steps to a Positive Dating Experience e-Book

Upgrade your dating life! This e-Book draws on one of the gurus of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman’s, PERMA model of wellbeing. This is all about building your sense of optimism and wellbeing, two of the key factors that lead to self confidence and dating success.

Value: £500

Bonus 4
Confidence Boosting Phone Wallpapers

To help you REMIND yourself of your mission to build confidence EVERY DAY I've created 3 smart phone wallpapers  for you. Once you download these to your phone, you can either choose your favorite or alternate between all three as it suits your mood.  Every time you look at your phone (which, let's face it, happens a LOT during your day) you will be instantly reminded that:

  • I am SO worth it
  • Brave, bold, beautiful
  • “You gain courage and confidence from doing the things you think you cannot do.”

Value: £50