The One Confidence Hack

You Need To Ace Your Next Important Event



The One Confidence Hack

You Need to Ace Your Next Important Event

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It’s time to say NO to fear and step into your confidence spotlight with boldness & courage.

Here's What You'll Learn

the real meaning of confidence & why you should want more of it



the ONE BIG THING in your own life that needs a confidence overhaul



how to use some of the top confidence boosting techniques to give you an unfair advantage



how to get the edge over others & ace your next high stakes event




Meet Mel Schilling


Before you get started, I thought I would use this space to tell you a little more about me. I am a highly recognised and respected thought-leader who is passionate about inspiring confidence, courage and competence. I want to challenge your limits and redraw your boundaries to captivate and empower elevated self-awareness.

These prized hallmarks have earned me recognition as one of television’s highest profile therapists, most notably appearing on Married at First Sight in which I have become a firm favourite amongst audiences.

I have a reputation for asking confronting questions and holding everyone accountable for their actions. I use my depth of experience across 20 years of practice to educate and entertain, intuitively blending science-backed research, aspirational anecdotes and interactive audience participation to ensure everyone always learns something new.